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First Class Carpet and Rug Cleaning Service in Sidcup from Cleaning Sidcup

You’ve chosen your carpets or rugs carefully according to the atmosphere you wish to create in you Sidcup home. For a high quality modern build you might have invested in a luxury deep piled wool mix. Your renovated Victorian apartment called out for vibrant Turkish rugs to enhance the colour of restored floorboards. Over time the dust and dirt of modern living works its way into these, dulling colours and destroying the original texture. It’s time to breath new life into your floor coverings.

Your superior rugs and carpets deserve five star standards of cleaning from experts who know how best to care for them.People like the trained consultants at Cleaning Sidcup in Sidcup. Sit back, relax, and prepare to see your rugs and carpets restored to their original rich colours and luxurious textures.

Superior Carpet Cleaning, Good Enough for Pale Colours Sidcup

There are a few different things that make our carpet cleaning service a little bit special. We employ fully qualified and experienced technicians and of course we insure them fully, just for your peace of mind. We use a range of cleaning techniques and our specialists will advise you on the best approach for your particular rug or carpet. We relish a challenge, so if you have a white carpet…Call us!

Listed here are the advantages you’ll gain when you book your carpet cleaning in Sidcup with us. To see what past customers think of our services go to our client testimonials page

  • Attention to detail: We move all furniture and clean beneath it
  • We offer a range of cleaning techniques to suit every type of floor covering.
  • We use specialist detergents, not available over the counter, these offer effective but gentle cleaning and they’re eco friendly and not toxic to children or pets
  • Once we’ve cleaned your carpet you can request a treatment such as scotchgard to protect against future staining

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Our phone is always manned. Call us on 02034044068 to make your booking for Sidcup carpet cleaning. Our staff will also be happy to arrange a free quote for any service, maybe carpet cleaning or perhaps you’re also interested in our upholstery cleaning service or would like to find out more about employing a regular domestic cleaner. Feel free to ask any questions you still have.

If you fill in our contact form we’ll get in touch with you, just tell us when you’d like to call. Alternatively you can use our convenient chat service to get an immediate reply to any question about carpet cleaning in Sidcup